Here at Carlton Auto Repair, we are a full service quality automobile repair shop. We take pride in services starting from oil changes, to brakes, to maintenance and to major drive train overhauls. Please call us at 630.668.4141 to find out more today!  If you would like to know more, please click on the service you are interested in below.


Everyone does brakes but NOBODY does them the way we do!

We do a lot of brake jobs for a good reason. We use the highest quality friction materials available. We perform each service in a way that results in the highest possible customer satisfaction. We take pride when our work results with no noises, pulsation, or premature wear.

Ask us what we do different when you make an appointment.

Oil Changes

Here at Carlton Auto Repair, we do not provide traditional 10-minute oil changes just to get the customer in and out the door.

We do not employ a minimal skill set “lube tech” either.

We DO however employ a shop full of qualified technicians to service your vehicle. Our technicians pay attention to the smallest details during each and every single oil change to make sure your vehicle is getting the correct oil type (synthetic, conventional, synthetic blend), oil weight (5W30, 5W20, etc.), and oil amount recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

We also check your vehicle’s belts, hoses, fluids, and air filter. We make it a point to check and adjust your tire pressure. Safety is our primary concern, that is why every single vehicle gets a steering and suspension component check before any vehicle is given back to the customer.

What we DON’T do is use the oil change as a “Sales Tool”. Many service centers use the oil change as a tool to upsell all kinds of services, whether you need it or not.

For our loyal customers, we offer one “While You Wait” oil change every day at 8AM CST.


Why do we do so much exhaust work?

Because our customers love our work and come back for years with every new vehicle they own.

Tired of replacement exhaust work that rattles on your vehicle?

Air Conditioning

Beat the heat!

Need an A/C Recharge?

Has your A/C been recharged and is still not working?

A/C work is a speciality of ours. We have been teaching A/C service and repair at the college level for 17 years. If there is a problem with your Air Conditioning, you can count on Carlton Auto Repair to fix it!

Has your A/C system been serviced?

Has it been done properly? If the refrigerant was low, then there was a leak. If there was a leak, some refrigerant oil was lost. We see the largest cause of major A/C repairs to be a vehicle that was “recharged” at a place that really did not know what they were doing. If refrigerant oil is not replaced after a leak in the system, the system may function for a while until the A/C compressor locks up and the vehicle needs a much more costly repair. An automotive A/C system relies on a very small amount of a very specific oil to lubricate and protect the air compressor. If the oil level is not just right, the compressor will most certainly malfunction.

At Carlton Auto Repair, we always add some of the correct refrigeration oil to EVERY A/C system. We also add ultraviolet die with every service. This precaution allows us to efficiently find even the smallest leaks in any system and inform the customer. Just this small measure sets Carlton Auto Repair a world apart from most other repair centers that recharge and service automotive A/C systems.

We do it once and do it right!

Battery / Electrical

Have a battery that keeps going dead?

Do you have faulty power windows or a power lock that doesn’t operate correctly?

Are your wipers functioning adequately and safely?

At Carlton Auto Repair, we have the most up to date technical information and tools to diagnose and repair any of these issues.

Did you know… most modern vehicles have complicated electrical systems.

For example to simply roll down a window in a modern vehicle with power windows the following processes take place:

The passenger presses the window down button

The power window switch sends a signal to the body control module

The body control module sends a signal via CAN BUS to the according door control module

The door control module gives power and ground to the window motor

The window goes down

These integrated systems take up to date training and equipment to diagnose and repair. We have both!

Heating / Cooling

Having previously owned a radiator shop along with Carlton Auto Repair, we have vast amounts of experience in the heating and cooling systems department.

We can perform repairs and maintenance to just about any heating and cooling system on the road today.

Poor heat?


Leaking coolant?

We can fix it!

Steering / Suspension

Is a “clunking” or “knocking” noise driving you nuts?

Is there a noise when you turn the steering wheel?

From balljoints, tie rod ends, sway bar links, and steering gears to shocks and struts, we can repair it all!


It is always less expensive to maintain a vehicle rather than repair a neglected one.

We have the factory maintenance schedules for all vehicles. These are not the “manufactured” ones most dealerships try to sell to you.

If your vehicle needs it, we can perform maintenance on your cooling system, power steering, transmission, differential, or fuel system. We can keep all your vehicle’s systems clean, working well, most most importantly make them last.

We can fix it!

Diagnostics / Emission Repairs

Is your “Check Engine” light on?

Our crew specializes in diagnostic and emission failure repairs.

We ensure that each member of our crew is always up to date on all training associated with diagnostics and emission repairs.

We maintain only the latest and best equipment to do the job right, each and every time!

Other diagnostic services include:

Noises – engine, suspension, etc.
Electrical – charging/starting systems, accessories (windows, locks, cruise control, wipers, etc.)
ABS Systems
Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS: air bags and seat belt problems)
Many more!

Tune-up / Performance

What is a “tune-up” on today’s modern vehicles?

There are many answers, and that is why we try to communicate with each and every one of our customers when an appointment is made. We are vested in answering questions and solving problems with every vehicle that comes through our doors.

At Carlton Auto Repair we will let you know what your vehicle needs. Sometimes a resolution may have nothing to do with a tune-up. There are many sensors on today’s vehicles that can malfunction and result in a poor running condition. In older vehicles, these issues may have been resolved by a tune-up, while with newer cars the solution can be completely different.

So if your car is not performing properly, runs poorly, has a hard time starting or has poor fuel economy, we can help! Tell us the details, and let us diagnose your car and figure out what it really needs without throwing money at costly parts that may not fix the issue.